Code of Conduct for Teachers

The teachers of this College should follow the code of conduct laid down in Haryana Government Service Rules. As per UGC guidelines whoever adopts teaching as a profession assumes the obligation to conduct himself/herself in accordance with the ideals of the profession. A teacher is constantly under the scrutiny of his students and the society at large. Therefore, every teacher should see that there is no incompatibility between his precepts and practice. The national ideals of education must be his/her own ideals. The basic ethical values underlying the code are care, trust, integrity and respect; embodying those aspects relevant to the teacher, who is entrusted with social responsibility.

 A definitive code for this college encompasses the following: Professional Values

The teacher should be concerned and committed to the interests of the students as the foremost aim of the teaching profession is to educate. This attitude should be directed towards the specific needs of each student. He should be conscientious and dedicated and if necessary, should help the students beyond class hours without accepting any remuneration.

The teacher shall not prevent any student from expressing his viewpoint although it may differ from that of his own. On the contrary, the student should be encouraged. Among other things, a teacher should accept constructive criticism.

The teacher should try to develop an educational environment. Equal treatment should be meted out to all students irrespective of caste, creed, religion, gender or socio-economic status. There should not be any partiality or vindictive attitude towards any of them.

The teacher should be to inspire students to generate more interest and develop a sense of inquiry in the pursuit of knowledge.

The teacher should instill a scientific and democratic outlook among his studentsmaking them community oriented, patriotic and broad minded. This is a part of his social responsibility. 
Above all a teacher should conform to the ethos of his profession and act in a dignified manner. He should keep in mind that society has entrusted him with their children.

Professional Development and Practices

It may be conceded that learning has no end. It is imperative that a teacher continuously updates himself in his field and other related ones in order to upgrade himself and the student community. He must also acquaint himself with recent methodologies and other applications.

A teacher must, alongside teaching, pursue research as innovation contributes to the continuous progress and development of a subject. He should involve him self in seminars and conferences/workshops organization and participation.
Developing new teaching strategies and curriculum as well as planning for an upgraded academic system should be an integral part of his professional duties.
The teacher will have to carry out the Institution’s educational responsibilities such as conducting admissions, college seminars and so on. He should also be participating in extra-curricular activities of the College as in sports, extension activities and cultural programmes. This will generate a holistic development and a congenial relationship with the students.

Professional Integrity

Teachers must maintain ethical behaviour in professional practice.

Honesty should not be compromised in research. Plagiarism is an evil that cannot be accepted at any cost. The aim should be to improve quality of research.

There should be no conflict between professional work and private practice. Private tuitions should be avoided as they negatively impact upon the quality of college teaching.

The teacher must respect the confidentiality of all information regarding exam affairs as well as matters dealing with colleagues and students unless legally or legitimately demanded.

Professional Collaboration

Teachers should be respectful and cooperative towards their colleagues, assisting them and sharing the responsibilities in a collaborative manner.

Teachers should refrain from lodging unsubstantiated allegations against their colleagues in order to satisfy vested interests.

Teachers should discharge their responsibilities in accordance with the established rulesoutlined by the higher authorities and adhere to the conditions of contract.

Teachers should refrain from responding to unnecessary political motivations as this ruin the sanctity and smooth progress of an educational institution.

Teachers should accord the same respect and treatment to the non-teaching staff as they do to their fellow teachers.

There should be regular interactions with the guardians of the students as this is necessary for the improvement of the students and the college