The IQAC of the College deals with the quality measures like preparation of academic and activity calendar, formation of Mentor-Mentee Groups and ensure weekly mentor classes, formation of alumni association, extension/upgradation of existing infrastructure, maintain the records of teachers who attended OC/RC/STC/Workshop/FDP etc, organizing seminar/workshop for capacity building of teaching and non-teaching staff, to finalize API Performa of teaching staff etc. The IQAC organises meetings regularly and motivates teaching staff to attend FDPs for the betterment and for the updatation of the knowledge regarding research also. IQAC also motivates newly appointed staff for the timely completion of their orientation and refresher course. The major contribution for quality assurance strategies and process is witnessed in the Feedback System adapted in the College to evaluate the existing teaching learning environment and to take appropriate action for the improvement of poor performing areas. The IQAC of the College has designed feedback Performa covering the different aspects such as College administration, teaching-learning process, library, basic infrastructure etc. pertaining to four different stakeholders. Despite the best efforts of the IQAC, the quantum of feedback received from the alumni is far from the satisfactory level. The alumni association needs to organize such interesting and motivating activities regularly that can attract more and more alumni enthusiastically.

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